The standard presets
In cobby there are two types of presets. On the one hand there is the standard preset, which contains all attributes, both the self created attributes and the Magento standard attributes. On the other hand there is the reduced preset. This contains only system attributes as well as all user-defined attributes for which values are maintained in the products. Thus, the reduced preset is the standard preset reduced by the currently unused attributes. One advantage of this preset is the shorter loading times, as unnecessary columns do not have to be built up by Excel and recalculated during the editing phase.

Another advantage is the clarity of the actually used attributes, which is given by the reduced preset. If you want to work on an attribute that has already been partially maintained or contains values, it is advantageous for you to load the reduced preset and use it for product maintenance. However, if you want to add an attribute for the first time, you must use the standard preset, as only this preset contains all existing attributes.

How you change the currently loaded preset:

1. The button "Load products" has two functions. The lower part offers a menu through which, among other things, the currently loaded preset can be changed.

2. In order to switch from the loaded preset to another one, simply click on the other preset.

3. Then load your products again.

Self-created presets
User-defined presets can also be created. A custom preset can contain the following customisations:

A customised preset can contain different customisations for each individual attribute set sheet or customisations for allproducts only.


When creating a preset, do you always have to start with Standard or Reduced?
No, presets can build on each other. Example: You already have a preset with the name Price Maintenance 2017 and want to add a field to it for 2018. To do this, load the existing preset and make the change. Then navigate to "Preset: ... -> Save" and name the preset "Price maintenance 2018".

1. When all changes have been made, click on Save,

2. give the new preset a descriptive name and close the dialogue by clicking on Save.

Can I change an existing preset?
Existing presets cannot be overwritten. Changes to presets can be made by saving them as another preset and then removing the old preset via "Preset: ... -> Manage".

How to delete a preset?
1. Navigate to Manage,

2. click on the X next to the preset you want to delete,

3. confirm the deletion by clicking on Apply.

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