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The Magento Troubleshooter from cobby is a feature which is available from version 1.48. It is a variety of tests to check whether all system requirements for a "clean" installation are present.
The results of these tests will be displayed in your Magento backend. 

You can find them in your cobby settings in Magento 1 & 2 under "System Check".

Magento 1:

Magento 2:

The feature is structured like this:
The left column consisting of PHP Version, Memory, Credentials, Maintenance Mode, Indexer, URL Check, cobby active and cobby version gives the names of the executed tests. The results of the tests are displayed behind them. These differ in green or red coding (green = OK / red = Error). If you receive a red error message, it contains the problem directly and can therefore be corrected directly.

The icon in front of the test name also indicates the current status of a test (green tick = OK / red exclamation mark = Error). 

Note: For a smooth installation of cobby it is important that all tests are green.

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