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In order to save you a lot of work and avoid having to worry about payment processes, it is important that you deposit a payment method in our customer center. This allows us to deduct the invoice amount directly from your account. You save yourself the transfers and of course time.

So how can you deposit a payment method?
First log in to the customer center as usual.

In the dashboard, click on the blue settings button next to your license. In the menu, there is a tab named "Payment Method":

There you will find the selection window of the same name for storing a payment method. Click on "Add Payment".

Here you have to enter all billing information and select your payment method. You can choose from either:
Collection via SEPA direct debit:

or payment by credit card:

Then just fill in the fields with the respective information and save.

Once all the information has been deposited, you will automatically receive your respective invoices and related booking in the future.

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