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Basic aspects that cobby allows and simplifies working in a team:

1. Several people can work simultaneously / in parallel. Nobody overwrites the data of others.

Exception: Employee A and Employee B work on the same attribute and product. In this case, the one who saves last overwrites the changes of the other one

2. The presets are global and anyone can access them

3.Red product status informs about changes of other employees at any time.

Click "Show changes" to see exactly what changes were made to which product and which attribute.

With the button "Load products" you can cancel the red product status. However, your own changes within the workbook that have not yet been saved will persist and continue to retain the yellow product status.

4. Tasks can be assigned, processing statuses of a product recorded and the workspace of employees coded using multiselect attributes, presets and the cobby filter.

We recommend our customers to create three internal attributes:

  • “responsible officer”

This has the advantage that the employee can load his workspace only with the help of the Cobby filter (clarity). Likewise, the responsibility for individual fields of activity is recorded, so that they can be contacted in case of inquiries.

  • “workflow attribute” 

This multiselect attribute, for example, contains the options "online, in progress, ready for review, live" and thus gives everyone the status of a product. The clerk has the task of keeping this up to date.

  • “comment field”

This can document problems, instructions or similar.

5. Document the procedure for recurring work steps (which filter / which preset must be loaded etc) and keep it in a central location accessible to every employee. Anyone who can read and follow an instruction can do whatever it takes in cobby to prevent staff outages resulting in disproportionate product maintenance stops.

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