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If a product is not visible in Magento or changes are not displayed in the frontend, this can have different reasons:

1. Indexes are set to manual
Specifically, if an indexer is set to manual, cobby will not call it up. Change the product but in the backend of Magento this manual setting of Magento is not considered.
You have changed the "Special Price" of a product. It will be displayed directly on the product page after saving. However, the old price is still displayed on the item list.
A possible reason for this is that the catalog index is set to manual.
Please check the setting for the indexes.
In the job log you can see exactly which indexers are set up.  
The past jobs can be viewed in the customer center.

2. Cache
Another possibility is that another cache, e.g. Varnish, is used.
By adding a parameter such as http://demo.mash2.com/index.php/kategorieseite?test to the category page this assumption can be checked. Usually parameters are not cached, so adding parameters will give the correct result.

3. Replacement of logics by own extensions/system searches
Another alternative could be an exchanged search, which is not up-to-date like SOLR or ElasticSearch. The search functions are often exchanged in M2 installations. It should then be noted that the new search provider also takes the corresponding events into account. Read more about cobby API queries and events here.

4. Attribute and Storeview
Magento can store different values for each attribute and storeview. If a storeview is subsequently removed, the different values that were created previously for the storeview are not automatically removed from the database. If a storeview has been subsequently removed, there may still be data remains in the system. If the product is processed for the first time via the Magento backend, Magento saves all values again and deletes these objects. cobby works more granular and only writes the changes you wanted to make on attribute and storeviewe level. This can cause a problem in this particular case when corrupt data is already present in Magento.

Please check if there are values in the EAV tables that do not have the storeview 0. These would have to be cleaned up manually.

For the Integernet SOLR Extension there is e.g. a finished module which considers all events.

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