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Many customers change their plan from a month to a year subscription during their contract term. This not only has the advantage that it is much cheaper and you have to pay less.

How to change my subscription?

First, you have to login as usual in our customer center.

In the dashboard, click on the blue settings button next to your license.

You will be directed to another menu. Click on Subscription.

There you will find all information regarding your subscription.

In the upper box "Update Subscription" you can see the current plan of your main license.

So what do you have to do to transform your plan?
Click on "Yearly".
A new menu, with the new conditions opens.

With clicking on “Switch”  you confirm your  plan change.

Then your new plan starts with the corresponding conditions.

What happens after the change?

From the time of the change, your new plan will be calculated pro rata for the month you have incurred. Then follow the terms and conditions associated with your new subscription. You can find out how these are composed here or in the customer center under the "Subscription" tab.

If you want to see what your next invoice looks like, read our article on the subject.

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