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In this article you will find everything about invoices in cobby and the related, relevant informations.

So that you can understand the following text without problems and with your own data, please login as usual in our customer center.

In the dashboard, click on the blue settings button next to your license. A new menu opens.

The paragraph "License Billing" contains all the information about how your bills are generated and put together.

Under "Update Subscription" you can change your subscription type. You can do it from a monthly to annual subscription, or the other way around. How it works and what you need to look out for, you will learn here.

Under "Staging Licenses" you can acquire a staging license, which is calculated monthly with 20 €. All benefits and information can be found here.

In the unlikely event that you should think about canceling cobby, you can do this as well. Please read the following article.

#Payment Method
Under “Update VAT ID” you can update your VAT number.

This will then be checked by us and included in the database.

Under “Billing Address” you will find both the billing address and the contact details that are relevant for the invoices. Should anything change there, we would ask you to update these changes here as well.

“Payment Method” decides how your invoices will be paid. You can choose either SEPA direct debit or credit card.

If you have a voucher, this code can be redeemed under "Redeem Coupon".

If you need additional information on invoices, you can forward this information to us under "Extra Billing Information" and send this by clicking on "Update".
The invoices themselves comply with German legislation and should contain all information that are relevant to you. Information from "Extra Billing Information" creates another field, which appears on the invoice later.

In "Upcoming Invoices" you can see the next invoice in advance in your cycle.

"Invoices" shows you a history of all invoices so far. Whether from the customer center or written by us personally. You can translate, download and store it in your database.

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