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Have not all attribute options been created in Magento?

This simple task can take days in Magento. With cobby, however, this can be done within a few minutes.

Simply add existing as well as new attribute options depending on the product via formulas or by hand into the attribute and save the change.


The color attribute is missing the color "turquoise".


1. Go in the color attribute

2. Enter the new attribute value for a product for example turquoise

Note: This process can also be performed using formulas. Simply use the index match formula so that each product is assigned the color that was supplied by the manufacturer, for example. You can read more about this formula here.

3. Save the changes by clicking on Save products.

4. The new attribute options have been created and appear in the list or cobby task pane of the attribute.You will be asked if you want to translate them for further storeviews.

5. You will receive a yellow job status with an exclamation mark. This shows you that new attribute options have been created and gives you the possibility to translate them for further storeviews. By clicking Yes, a new window appears and you can add a translation for each Storeview.

6. If you have created several new options next to the tab turquoise, the other options appear as tabs of this window. Clicking on this to translate them.

Note: If you do not feel like directly editing the translations of the option, you can do so at any time. How to do this you can read here.

Note: Although you can extend the cobby Task Pane with options, you can not delete them directly in Excel. To do this, you must log in to the Magento backend and make the desired changes there. In general, in cobby can not be deleted products.

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