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A simple task, such as adding new attribute options for manufacturer, color, size, and so on, can become a day job in Magento. Of course this depends on the number of options and products.
In our example, we assume that there are already many products from different manufacturers in Magento, but that the respective manufacturer has not yet been incorporated. Sometimes, however, it is useful and useful to search for and select specific manufacturers.
Therefore, the new attribute "Manufacturer" is created in Magento and subsequently all manufacturers must be maintained.

In the second step, the manufacturers are assigned to the corresponding products.

In Excel / with Cobby you need a fraction of the time compared to the time you need in Magento for mass actions. It's easier and faster to implement the data. For this, all products are selected by a manufacturer and the respective manufacturer is selected from the Manufacturer Task Pane.

If not all manufacturers were created in Magento, a new manufacturer can simply be entered in the corresponding Excel cell. cobby then creates it in Magento and offers the newly created manufacturer in Excel in the Attributes Task Pane for selection

Note: Although you can extend the cobby Task Pane with options, you can not delete them directly in Excel. To do this, you must log in to the Magento backend and make the desired changes there.

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