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In this article, you will find a brief introduction to billing a staging license. How to purchase a staging license, read here.

A staging license is calculated monthly with 20,00 € net. If no full month is used, a proportionate calculation was made later. You will also find this amount on your invoices.

When will the amount be charged?
In general, the staging license is not billed separately but appears on the next invoice of the corresponding main license. When purchasing the staging license, therefore, the price is shown in the customer center for the entire duration of the main license.

But what if a staging license is terminated before the end of the main license?
If a staging license is terminated in the current billing period, it will be billed by the end of the month.

Monthly-subscription (Accounting period: 03.04 - 03.05)
Purchase on 15.04 = 20€ / 30 * 18 = 12€
afterwards every cycle 20€
Termination on 10.05, the staging license will be removed for 03.06 from the subscription

Annual-subscription (Accounting period: 03.04.2018 - 03.04.2019)
Purchase on 15.04 = 240€ / 365 * (365 - 12) = 232,11€
afterwards every cycle 240€
Termination on 10.05, will be charged until 03.06, then removed from the subscription and from 03.06.2018 to 03.04.2019 prorated credited.

When the main license is terminated, everything will run until the end of the cycle of that license. If you want the staging license to end earlier, you must cancel it separately. This is only relevant in the case of the annual subscription.

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