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Grouped attributes can not be selected or deselected in Magento. Is this possible in cobby?

Yes of course. In cobby it is possible. See checkbox in attribute: Configurable Attributes

Which prices does a config take? / Automatic price adjustment

  1. The configurable takes the prices from the attribute options.

  2. In cobby the job status turns yellow with a "!" in the middle:

Displaying a yellow job status with an exclamation mark is not an error, it's just an indication of necessary price changes. This appears when you change the price for a Simple, but do not adjust the attribute option price in the config.

What does Automatic Price Adjustment do?

1. The difference between the config and the simple is calculated

Previous table (view without automatic price determination):

For example: If a config contains a simple product for a price of 14.00 € and a product which costs only 7.00 € then the relevant amount for the automated price adjustment is also 7.00 €. 

This means: The lowest price limit of a config, i.e. the cheapest, corresponding simple article, is set as the price.

After table (adjusted price after adjustment): 

2. Next, this difference for the respective attribute, entered in the option (see photos)

Note: If there is more than one super attribute, a mathematical, automatic solution is not possible. The reason for this is that it is no longer possible to recognize which difference is necessary for the determination.

How do I create configs, so that they are in the right order? (Mother Articles -> Children Articles)

  1. Create the config product

  2. Create the simple products

  3. Assign simples to config

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