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In most cases, it is very likely that several colleagues in your company work or come into contact with cobby. E.g. for product maintenance in Excel or accounting.
It is particularly important that each of these data subjects have unrestricted access to the AddIn.

Here you will find how to add and remove colleagues in your cobby team and customer center.

First, you must log in as usual in our customer center.

In the dashboard, please click on the blue settings button next to your license. In the menu, click on the tab called "Membership":

There you will find all employees of your team and you can also add new colleagues here.

• Click on "Send Invitation"
• Enter a valid e-mail address
• Send invitation

Your colleague receives an e-mail and can thus join the Customer Center. How he or she registers in the Customer Center is described here.

If a person wants to leave the team, you can do this by clicking "Membership" again in the menu.

Under "License Members" members can be removed by clicking on the "x" again.

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