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Yes, a domain change in cobby is possible. What you need to be aware of, you will learn in this article.
If you log in to the Magento backend, you can use the following way to edit this:

Magento 1: General → Web → Secure → Base URL

Magento 2: Stores → Configuration → General → Web → Base URL

Here you can make and save all changes.

Next, it is important that you also click "Save Config" in your cobby settings (here a guide).

This is because misuse of the data should be avoided. Also, cobby would not work if you did not save the settings.

After you have saved the cobby settings, you will receive an e-mail, forward them to us ([email protected]). This confirms the process of domain change. We then adjust the change in our database and you will receive another e-mail with the information.

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