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  1. cobby's product filter is set to "active only" and the missing product is disabled. For help with this problem, see “The product filter” in cobby in Case 3.

  2. The product type of the missing product is downloadable, or the product type is self-made. These types are not available in cobby and are not supported.

  3. Your product database is no longer in sync with cobby.Such issues may arise when product changes are made by extensions that do not use the Magento model, or by manual changes directly to the product database. Cobby can not recognize that there has been a change to the product and no change will be transferred to us.Since cobby 1.38 cobby transmits synonymous only products for which since the last synchronization a change was detected. We can provide a short-term remedy by discarding our product database to your shop, so that once all products are transferred. The synchronization then takes longer. If you wish, write to [email protected].In the long term, you (your developer / agency) can ensure that any extensions inform cobby when a change has been made to products, the code you can find in the cobby API requests and events article.

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