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cobby has a feature called “Preview Images”, which ensures that the product images are displayed directly in Excel while editing them. It is helpful when you want to add a product description for an article. So you are able to be as precise as possible.

How to activate the preview?

First of all, tart Excel and open cobby. Once the products are loaded, go to any Store View and click in the “Images” column. Please, click now on the picture frame, to set this feature only for the moment.

Tick the gear and say “Always show Image Preview”, to play this feature everytime.

Press “Save” and reload your products. A new window will open, showing all pictures of the corresponding product. 

If you want to end the preview, remove the hook in th cobby Task Pane again.

Note: In Magento 2, the media/import folder is protected by .htaccess, so we can no longer directly access the images and therefore cannot display them in the Task Pane. However, the import works without problems.

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