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How to buy a staging license?
Staging licenses can now be purchased directly in our customer center.
First of all you have to sign in to your account. Now you are in your dashboard.
Before you are able to buy a staging license, you must click on the blue-settings button next to your license key. 

Subsequently you will be forwarded to another menu. Please click on “License Billing” and then "Subscription". In this menu, you can find a sector called “Staging license”. Please click on “Add new”.

The checkout opens. This is divided into 3 areas:

1. Billing information

2. Invoice Preview (Here you can find all your licences, including all conditions)

After that, please click on “Buy now”. Thence your staging license will be generated and you will receive your purchase confirmation. 

3. Finish

Click “Done”. At least your new staging license is in the menu. 

How do I cancel my staging license?
Of course you can also cancel staging licenses in our customer center. To do this, go to the "Subscription" folder.
There you will find your purchased staging licenses. By clicking on "Cancel" (behind the license), you can cancel it and receive confirmation by e-mail. 

The license you cancelled expires at the end of the billing cycle / accounting month and will only be invoiced up to this point in time.

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