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cobby includes special formulas that make it easier to add pictures to Magento.

If you already have pictures on your server in the folder /media/import, you can directly reference them using just the pictures name, if not you need to add the whole URL or local file path to the formula.

Start by navigating to the "Images"-row at the far right of the sheet and enter the following formula:


If you want you can pass more parameters:


To add multiple pictures at the same time use the following formula:


One thing to note is that you don't need to provide the filename directly, you can also point to rows that contain filenames instead.

Common errors when using the image formulas:

If you fill the image formula using auxiliary rows, make sure the notation of the file path is right. A valid filepath always ends in a backslash "\".



Here is an example video:

Video script:
Copy images from one product to others

Be in the image task pane

Select one or more images--> right click --> copy (or Ctrl + C on your keyboard)

Switch to another product --> right click --> paste --> save

Ad the image to more than one product: select those --> click: Add From Clipboard --> save

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