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When is it necessary to run the cobby indexer (sync)?

Under normal conditions it is very seldom necessary to run the synchronisation between your shops database and cobby. All changes that are detectable through the Magento model are represented in cobby. There is no need to add the cobby index to the cronjob.

Changes that necessitate a resynchronization:

after attribute-sets have changed:

  • a new attribute has been added

  • attributes have been moved inside the attribute set

  • a new attribute-set has been created or deleted

after changes to the store have been made:

  • Store Views, stores or websites have been changed, added or deleted

  • after an import or change directly on the Magento database

  • when you work with an extension whose changes are not detectable in the Magento model

  • as part of the installation- or update-process

  • as part of an URL-change

  • changes to the stock settings on the cobby configuration site in your Magento backend.

You can start the re-indexing process from the Magento backend:
in Magento 1:

  1. Navigate to System -> Index Management,

  2. find cobby in the list and then click on Reindex Data in the same row on the right.

in Magento 2:

  1. navigate to the cobby settings under Stores –> Configuration —> Services: cobby,

  2. then click on Save Config.

Once the index has been rebuild, an automated message is sent to the Contact Email that has been assigned in System / Stores -> Configuration -> Services: cobby.

Changed behavior when applying cobby-settings

In the past cobby started a reindex whenever the system configuration for cobby had been saved in the Magento backend. Starting with version cobby does not provoke a reindex when you click 


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