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Our pricing is based on the amount of products multiplied by the amount of store views they are associated to, since this is correlating with the costs we have to deliver our service.

Every product in every website-bound store view will be synced between your product database in Magento and cobby, independent of the type or status of the product and regardless if the store view is activated or not. We have no way to differentiate what products in our customers stores shall be available or unavailable in cobby.

If we were to exclude products from the synchronization, it would cause problems due to the way the Magento architecture handles product changes. As things stand today we have technologically no way to exclude specific products. Only products that are not associated to any website are not counted towards your plan.

The current plan is automatically determined based on the number of products in your online shop on a daily basis. Once you fit in another plan you’ll automatically receive an email about this. All plans above the Large plan each quadruple the max amount of products.

For help on the purchase process itself check: How do I purchase a cobby-license?


Clean up unused StoreViews to reduce your product-count

Change to the annual plan and save money

You can save over 30% paying annually instead of month to month. The annual plan needs to be payed in advance. Going back from annual to monthly can only be done at the end of every booking period. A manual for the change can be found here.

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