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With Image.Create a single image can be set for a product and all image parameters can be defined.

=Image.Create("File Location","Image Description",Exclude,Small,Thumbnail,Base,Custom Imagecode1,Custom Imagecode2,Custom Imagecode3)

File location: can be a local path or a URL
Description: The alt text of the image
Image Attributes (optional): can either be TRUE or FALSE. Unfilled is identical with FALSE.

The content of the image above will look like this in Excel:

=IMAGE.CREATE("C:\cobby_logo.png","The cobby logo",FALSE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE)

Once you leave the cell, the formula will turn into JSON-code and will be interpreted by cobby:

{"file":"C:\\cobby_logo.png","label":"The cobby logo","position":0,"url":"C:\\cobby_logo.png","exclude":false,"imageCodes":["thumbnail","small_image","image"]}

The interpretation of this JSON-code also shows up in the cobby image task pane: 

The image is at this point in cobby only, just once you Save Products it is transfered to Magento.

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