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Many third party extensions work nicely with cobby out of the box. Just some will have extension specific attributes not displayed in cobby, some require compatibility modules and some will work fine once two lines of code are added to their code.

Compatibility modules:

For integernet_Solr (cobby 1.40<) https://github.com/dimajanzen/Solr_Compatibility_Cobby

If your extension writes directly into Magento's DB, you can inform cobby about changes via two lines of code. See cobby API requests and events for details.

If your extension needs adaptations to cobby itself, you can reach out to us via [email protected]

Make sure to send answers to this short questionnaire with your email:

  1. What is the idea or what issue do you face right now?

  2. How do you currently resolve or work around the issue?

  3. Is the behaviour a normal part of Magento or is it already realised in an extension?

  4. If it is the latter, is there documentation that we can look into or is the extensions code openly available?

  5. Is it possible to get access to a working example of the extension in your Magento backend (staging/dev) or can you point us to a screencast that shows the workings of the extension?

  6. What do you expect to see differently in cobby, once the feature is implemented?

  7. Where does the additional data come from, if applicable?
    Magento / ERP / …

  8. What choices should be given to manipulate the data in cobby?
    input-methods / buttons / text boxes /...

  9. What dependencies between attributes should exist, what should change automatically?

  10. What should happen after the save-process, should just the edited product change or dependent products too?

  11. Should there be notifications after saving in cobby?

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