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This is a full list of API requests and events, it is solely for customers that develop their own Magento extensions based on cobby. Requests that also trigger an event can be used in an observer to hook to the event and manipulate data.
With the release of cobby version many requests have changed to a more streamlined naming scheme, so if you made custom extensions in prior versions of cobby, make sure that you extent your observer to check for both, old and new format.

Example Extension:
You can find our example extension for Magento 1 right here for download,
and for Magento 2 right here for download.

If your extension writes directly into Magento's DB, cobby needs to be informed about the change. You can use this event to do so:

//1,2,3 are productids
Mage::dispatchEvent('cobby_handle_changes', array(
    'entity' => 'product',
    'action' => 'save',
    'ids' => array(1,2,3),
    'context' => 'custom',
    'username' => 'Bob'

Postman and cobby API-requests

Example Events:

cobby_import_...._import_before | manipulate the data before the import happens
cobby_import_...._import_after | manipulate the way how the returned data is rendered in cobby

Events that differ from this scheme have an explanation directly at the event.

Attribute Set
Attribute Set (export)

m1: cobby_catalog_product_attribute_set.export
m2: GET cobby/products/attribute/sets
Event: none

Category Tree (export)

m1: cobby_catalog_category.export
m2: GET cobby/categories
Event: none

Attribute (info)
m1: cobby_catalog_product_attribute.info
m2: none
Event: none

Attribute (export)
m1: cobby_catalog_product_attribute.export
m2: GET cobby/product/attributes
Event: cobby_catalog_product_attribute_export_after |use this to change the type of the attribute (e.g. from text to dropdown)
cobby_catalog_product_attribute_option_export_after |use this to change the output of the options or even remove them

The cobby_catalog_product_attribute_export_after event is triggered after exporting the attribute in cobby. If the attribute contains attribute options (e.g. select-attributes), both events will trigger.

Attribute Options
Attribute Options (export)
m1: cobby_catalog_product_attribute_option.export
m2: GET cobby/product/attribute/options

Attribute Options (import)
m1: cobby_catalog_product_attribute_option.import
m2: none
Event: cobby_catalog_product_attribute_option_export_after |use this to change the output of the options or even remove them

Configurable Product
Configurable Product (assign)
m1: cobby_catalog_product_type_configurable.assign
m2: none
Event: none

 Website (export)
m1: cobby_core_website.export
m2: GET cobby/store/websites
Event: none

Stores (export)
m1: cobby_core_store.export
m2: GET cobby/store/storeViews
Event: none

Storegroup (export)
m1: cobby_storegroup.export
m2: GET cobby/store/storeGroups
Event: none

Config (export)
m1: cobby_core_config.export
m2: GET cobby/configs
Event: none

Acl (export)
m1: cobby_core_acl.export
m2: none
Event: none

Customer Group
Customer Group (export)
m1: cobby_customer_group.export
m2: GET cobby/customer/groups
Event: none

Product (updateSkus)
m1: cobby_catalog_product.updateSkus
m2: POST cobby/product/skus
Event: none

Product (getAllIds)
m1: cobby_catalog_product.getAllIds
m2: GET cobby/product/ids
Event: none

Product (updateWebsites)
m1: cobby_catalog_product.updateWebsites
m2: POST /cobby/product/website
Event: none

Product (exportProducts)
m1: cobby_export.exportProducts
m2: POST cobby/export/products
Event: cobby_catalog_product_export_after |use this to remove products before export or manipulate the product type that is seen by cobby

Product (updateCategoryAssociations)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateCategoryAssociations
m2: POST cobby/import/products/categories
Event: cobby_import_product_category_import_before

Product (importProducts)
m1: cobby_import_product.importProducts
m2: POST cobby/import/products
Event: cobby_import_product_import_before

Product (updateStock)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateStock
m2: POST cobby/import/products/stocks
Event: cobby_import_product_stock_import_before

Product (updateLink)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateLink
m2: POST cobby/import/products/links
Event: cobby_import_product_link_import_before

Product (updateGroupedProductAssociations)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateGroupedProductAssociations
m2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_grouped_import_before

Product (updateConfigurableProducts)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateConfigurableProducts
m2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_configurable_import_before

Product (updateMedia)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateMedia
m2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_media_import_before

Product (updateTierPrices)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateTierPrices
m2: POST cobby/import/products/tierPrices
Event: cobby_import_product_tierprice_import_before

Product (updateGroupPrices)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateGroupPrices
m2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_groupprice_import_before

Product (deleteDuplicateImages)
m1: cobby_import_product.deleteDuplicateImages
m2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_url_import_before

Product (updateUrl)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateUrl
m2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_url_import_before

Product (updateCustomOptions)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateCustomOptions
M2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_customoption_import_before

Product (updateBundleOptions)
m1: cobby_import_product.updateBundleOptions
m2: none
Event: cobby_import_product_bundleoption_import_before

Product (importStart) available starting cobby 1.41
m1: cobby_import_product.start
m2: cobby/import/products/start
Event: cobby_import_product_started |this event is triggered before cobby starts to import

Product (importFinish) available starting cobby 1.41
m1: cobby_import_product.finish
m2: cobby/import/products/finish
Event: cobby_import_product_finished |this event is triggered after cobby finishes to import

Indexer (changeStatus)
m1: cobby_indexer.changeStatus
m2: none
Event: none

Indexer (info)
m1: cobby_indexer.info
m2: none
Event: none

Indexer (export)
m1: cobby_indexer.export
m2: none
Event: none

Indexer (reindexProducts)
m1: cobby_indexer.reindexProducts
m2: none
Event: none

Queue (export)
m1: cobby_queue.export
m2: none
Event: none

Queue (getMaxQueueId)
m1: cobby_queue.getMaxQueueId
m2: none
Event: none

Queue (reset)
m1: cobby_queue.reset
m2: none
Event: none

Translate (getTranslation)
m1: cobby_core_translate.getTranslation
m2: none
Event: none

Translate (getLocales)
m1: cobby_core_translate.getLocales
m2: none
Event: none

Debug (export)
m1: cobby_core_debug.export
m2: none
Event: none

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