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This article describes the preparations needed to match up categories, but the same work-flow can be applied to any non-unique regular attribute (select-attributes, multi-select-attributes, ...)

We have a list of Categories that we need to match to our shop, maybe from a supplier list or when we move shops and need to match data for a new category structure.

1. Open your source data and select the categories, then mark and copy them to a new empty excel sheet.

2. Add a header name for the column with your old category names and right of that another one for the new category names.

3. Next we will transform this into a table: Mark all rows and columns for the upcoming table,

4. Then navigate to the tab Home -> Format as Table and choose a table design.

A dialogue box will then open, leave it unaltered and just click OK on it.

5. Afterwards navigate to Data -> Remove Duplicates

6. In the then opening Remove Duplicates window, we deselect the still empty second category and click OK.

A message box will then appear and inform us what was done.

7. If Excel leaves empty rows in the table, remove them the following way:

7.1 Click on Data -> AZ⬇ to herd the empty rows together,

7.2 Then mark the all the empty rows, right click on the start of one of them on the left side and then click on Delete

8. You are now ready to match new Categories by filling the My new Categories column the following way:
 Load your shops products into the same excel workbook by clicking on Load Products.

9. Then find a product that is in the same store as the products you are matching categories for, just so that you can see the existing categories for such products. If you are unsure or need categories from multiple stores, just choose a product from All StoreViews.

Click on the Category-cell of that product

10. You can now use the cobby task pane to select the categories that you want to assign in your list:

10.1 select the categories that match up to the first row in your list,

10.2 copy the cell,

10.3 navigate to your list,

10.4 paste the cell under my new categories in the list,

10.5 return to the product and select Category-cell again,

10.6 delete the contents of the Category-cell,

10.7 repeat steps 10.1 to 10.6 until you have all the rows in your category-list filled.

10.8 select that products Category-cell once again, but this time click on Reset product. The Cells content is then reverted to the last saved state.

These matched up categories can now be used in cobby utilising the Index(Match) formula:

=INDEX( CategoryMatchingTable[Column of My New Categories];MATCH( the old category;CategoryMatchingTable[Column of My Old Categories];0))

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