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There are circumstances where you will want to completely remove the cobby add-in for Excel, including its configuration files and registry settings. You can of course uninstall the add-in the common way, through Programs and Features, but as soon as you install the add-in again your old settings will still apply.

This can be a problem if you:

  • switch back and forth between shops that are on different versions of cobby.

  • are troubleshooting the local installation,

  • are downgrading cobby,

  • want to switch from your store to the mash2 demo store.

For these occasions we have created a removal-tool, that you can download from here.

Run the tool as administrator

Start this batch-script in the context of the user that cobby is installed for, no extended rights are needed.

The script will:

  • force-close all accessible instances of Excel,

  • uninstall the Excel Add-in,

  • clean up the the registry path used by click-once-installers

  • and remove the configuration files for cobby.

To reinstall the cobby Add-in for Excel afterwards, look through your e-mails for a message titled Registration successful or Registrierung erfolgreich sent to you from [email protected]. Start the Installer from the link in that e-mail.

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