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Contact Email:
The address that you initially signed up with for the trial-license is automatically set to be the contact email, unless you change it. It is used as a service contact for administration, so cobby will inform you of any notifications, errors and updates via this address.

Changing the Contact Email
You can change it in the cobby settings of the Magento Admin Panel.

Help on how to get there can be found here.

Please note: the field can only hold one email address. If multiple recipients need to be notified, we suggest creating an alias with a forwarding rule to be entered here.

Invoice Email:
The address that invoices and billing are handled through. You have first set this address as part of the mandatory data when you bought cobby.

If you need the address to be changed or need adjustments regarding invoices or billing please write to [email protected]

Changing the billing email address in the customer center:

1. Log into your customer center account.
2. Go to your settings. Click the blue settings button next to your license in the dashboard
3. Click on "Payment Method"

4. Replace your old address with your new one under "Billing Address".

5. Click "update" to save your changes.

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