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You can remove unused StoreViews from Magento and save a complete copy of the products in the StoreView through cobby.

1. Create a backup of the product-data

1.1 load just the unused StoreView in cobby

1.1.1 set the preset to Default,

1.1.2 Open the product-filter, check only the StoreView you plan to delete and uncheck “only active products”,

1.1.3 leave the product-filter via “apply filter”,

1.2 Now double check that you have all products and all attributes from the unused StoreView loaded, then save the excel-workbook as a local .xlsx-file

2. Delete the StoreView

2.1 log into your Magento Admin Panel,

2.2 navigate to System -> manage Stores,

2.3 click on the StoreView you want to remove,

2.4 click on “Delete StoreView”

3. make the change visible to cobby

3.1 rebuild all invalidated Magento indexes except cobby,

3.2 then rebuild the cobby index

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