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The import mode should always be used when external data is imported in the shop. For example, if you get new manufacturer data for existing articles. If you want to bring these data to the shop in the fastest way, use the import mode. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. You load the customer data into an Excel workbook and format the data as a table. Then close all other Excel workbooks.

2. Select the default template from the menu at Load products and start the import mode.

3.Setup your import-tables. You have two choices here,for changes to existing products: Select an attribute set that contains all the columns to be imported. Since the import mode does not know "All Products", ignores the used attribute set and imports only the displayed data, it is no matter which attribute set is selected (unless you want to change the super attribute assignments of configurable products, there the attribute-set needs to match)
importing new products: You need to enter the new product data into the attribute-set-sheet that the product shall be assigned to.

4. All columns / attributes that you do not want to import data for, or for which you do not have any new data, should be hidden. To do this, move all needed columns to the front, behind the columns "Website" and "SKU", using the "Cut column" and "Insert cut-out columns" column, select all remaining columns, right-click on the column header, and click "Hide".
Help on hiding columns can be found here.
Help on rearranging columns can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: If you forget to hide columns, "empty" columns are imported and the existing data in the shop is overwritten(!). The columns Website and SKU must always be kept visible and filled, as these two columns are mandatory for the correct assignment during the import.

5. Now, sort the columns in their manufacturer list equivalent to the arrangement in the attribute set. Then select, copy and insert the data in the right place in the cobby sheet. Make sure that you do not copy the column heads from the manufacturer data.

6. Finally, click on "Save Products" and start the import. Confirmation on the import is only available via the job-protocol. This becomes green once the process is finished, while the product statuses remain yellow even after import has finished.

7. After working in import mode, you have to close Excel and open a new Excel folder to continue working with cobby.

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