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If you change the price of a simple product, that is currently associated to a configurable product, a hint pops up after saving the changes. If you click on the eye-symbol in the hint, it will jump to the Configurable Attributes cell and show the attribute selector in the Task Pane. The Task Pane then gives you the options to enter price or auto calculate price.

After a click on auto calculate price the following process starts:

1. cobby determines the lowest price between the associated products and sets it as price of the configurable. If only one configurable attribute is assigned, price jumps of the options are set automatically.

The following video shows the usage when only one configurable attribute is assigned:

2. If you click auto calculate price but more than one configurable attribute is assigned, the following message is shown:
Auto price calculation impossible due to more than one assigned Configurable Attributes.

For this case a different approach is needed:

2.1 click on the eye-symbol in the hint. The selection is now on the Configurable Attributes cell,

2.2 click on enter price,

2.3 click on the $ Dollar signs to auto calculate price for every single attribute.

2.4 Save the changes with a click on Save Products.

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