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You are likely reading this because you had the following text in an Email from us:

"At least one Product SKU begins or ends with a space. Change the below listed SKUs as described here"

To get rid of products with a space anywhere in the SKU you can use Excels Trim-formula. The Trim-formula removes leading and trailing spaces from text.

Here is how to quickly solve it for all SKUs:

  1. Create two new helper columns in the cobby sheet by right-clicking on column header above name and choosing Insert (add new column)

2. Give the columns distinctive names, i.e. TRIM1 and TRIM2

3. In the first new column enter the formula =TRIM([@SKU]) to get rid of spaces.

In the second new column, enter the formula =[@TRIM1]=[@SKU] to compare the contents of SKU and the other column, so you can see if there were spaces in it.

3. Before using this formula for the whole sheet, save these two columns as a preset in cobby, so that you can re-use it at any time. Clicking on the lower part of Load products -> preset:.. -> Save and set a name for the preset.

4. Afterwards apply these formulas for the whole sheet by marking both fields and clicking on the lower right edge of the second field 

5. Now that the SKUs don't have spaces anymore, you can check if there are duplicates.

To do so, mark the contents of the first new column by clicking directly on the upper edge of the column header to mark all the contents of the column and choose "Remove Duplicates" from the Data-Ribbon. In the "remove duplicates" dialogue choose only the columns that you had already selected. If Excel finds duplicates we have to have the SKU of the duplicate, if there are none we are nearly done and can move to the next step.

6. Now that you have good SKUs in the first new column, you just need to transform the data to values so that it can be copied without creating a circular reference. Select all contents of the TRIM1 column, just like you did in #5, right click the selection and choose copy, then select the all contents of the SKU column, right click it and choose paste "Values" .

7. You can then save the cleaned SKUs and you're done with this error.

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