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cobbys Product and job-statuses in detail
cobbys Product and job-statuses in detail
In this article you find a short introduction about the different product- and job statuses in cobby.
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There are 5 different job-statuses in cobby. Each of them, contains messages which you will receive after clicking on the respective icon.

A yellow job-status with a hourglass will be shown, if changes ares ending to cobby but these are still waiting for processing. They are placed in the queue and stored there. 

This yellow job-status shows when cobby starts to process the queue. The procedure is as follows. First of all the current product version is loading and the changes will be identified. These are now checked for possible mistakes. If there are any mistakes a red job-status will come up.

If there aren’t any mistakes the changes are going to import to Magento. In the job protocol you can see all details which data is processed at the moment.
These could be:

  • attribute / individual / bundle options

  • simple / config / grouped products

  • URL Keys

  • product links

  • store data

  • category / website assignments

  • configurable product assignments

  • images

  • Graduate & customer group prices

  • changed SKU’s

Subsequently, only the affected indexes are rebuilt. This means if no price change was detected the price indexer isn't fired. This boosts performance on Magento side.

A red job status can occur in two cases either a cobby error is detected when checking the changes. In this case, the error assistant opens. This shows all products, where problems were detected.

For each product, the attributes and reasons are listed. By clicking on the "eye symbol", you will automatically be redirected to the affected attribute of the respective product. So you can correct the error directly.

If the job status turns red and the error wizard does not open, there is usually a server error.

To see the error message yourself, click on the job log. Becauses of this status include, for example, improper permissions, database corruption errors, or other PHP errors on the server. In these cases, check the server logs of your Magento hoster.

If you can not solve the problem even after checking the server logs, use the feedback button and forward us a message with your problem and the log entries.

A green job status indicates that no jobs are waiting to be processed. If you see the green job status along with a yellow product status, your last save is not completed yet. More about the product status, see below. In the status itself, you can see how many products you have imported in the applied time.

A yellow job status with an exclamation mark indicates that there are hints after saving the products. This can be triggered by newly created attribute options, indications of price updates, non-existent change authorizations in the warehouse or on storeviews or the like. This message is purely informative and does not constitute an error.

There are 3 product-statuses in cobby:

A green product-status indicates that the product is up to date between Magento and cobby.

A yellow product status indicates that the current cobby data is not yet in Magento. This status appears in the following cases:

  1. You have created new products or made changes that have not yet been saved (green job status).

  2. While your products are being stored (yellow job status).

  3. If saving failed (red job status).

A red product status means that the data currently in Excel is different from the data in Magento.

This case happens, when:

  1. Create new products and save them for the first time (Magento fills empty fields with default values).

  2. You add or change product images (the content of the image cell is changed to JSON code).

  3. A change was made in Magento (for example, by another extension or user).

If you would like to see which products are different, click "Show Changes" in the cell with the red product status in the Excel menu bar.

When you click Load Products, all cells filled with different data are updated to the latest value. So the red product status changes to the green.

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