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Preface: If your server does not make use of .htaccess authentication, this article is not relevant to you. Do not fill .htaccess fields unless your shop requires it.

Magento 1:
If your server makes use of .htaccess for access control, you'll need to transmit these credentials so that cobby can connect to your shop.
You can do so through the cobby-configuration in your Magento backend:

0. Navigate to System -> Configuration -> Services / cobby,
1. fill .htaccess User and Password,
2. click on Save Config.

Magento 2:
cobby currently can't function while .htaccess is active in Magento 2. This is due to a design decision by Magento. Specifically the implementation of the Auth Tokens is responsible for this. 

To be able to work with cobby, all our IPs must be released in the htaccess settings.
Please read the following article

Save your cobby configuration in the Magento backend and you can continue working.

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