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Possible causes: 

1. The Attribute is not in cobbys index

1.1 The index is outdated

cobby has not yet been re-indexed after the attribute was created. You can fix this in the Magento backend:

in Magento 1:

  1. Navigate to System -> Index Management,

  2. find cobby in the list and then click on Reindex Data in the same row on the right.

in Magento 2:

  1. navigate to the cobby settings under Stores –> Configuration —> Services: cobby,

  2. then click on Save Config.

To learn more about when cobbys index is needed look here.

1.2 The attribute is not assigned to an attribute-set

Whenever you are missing an attribute in cobby, make sure to check a product in the Magento backend, that the attribute should show up under. If the attribute is also missing there, it is very likely that the attribute is not part of the attribute set that the product is under. Or that it is not assigned to any attribute set yet.

To learn more about attribute-sets in Magento have a look here.

Once the attribute is assigned to an attribute set cobbys indexer needs to be run once.

1.3 The attribute is blacklisted

You can check if the attribute has been blacklisted in the email that we send after indexing has finished. It is titled "Sync errors" and is only send if errors where found. If the attribute got blacklisted, you'll see a text like this followed by your attribute:

"The following Attributes use a custom renderer.
cobby isn't able to deal with this Attributes and blacklists them."

If this happens it is not possible to work with this attribute in cobby at all, but the attribute can still be used in Magento and be maintained in the Magento backend.

2. The attribute is not part of the current preset

2.1 The shortened preset is active

If the attribute is not yet filled with values for any product or if the values are the same for every product, the shortened preset might have hidden the attribute.

To change the preset, navigate over the lower part of the "Load products" button, click on "preset: Shortened" and afterwards click on the list entry named "Default" or "Standard".

The attribute will also show up in all other presets that have no hidden data.

3. You are working with a locally saved workbook 

When you load products in a locally saved workbook, changes to the preset will never get updated,  including new attributes. We do not support working with local copies. Please countercheck if the attribute is still missing when you open a new, blank workbook and load products there.

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