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1. Restart Excel and check if the cobby-ribbon returns. 

If the cobby-ribbon does not show up, proceed with #2.

2. reboot your computer.
If cobby afterwards still does not show up, after starting Excel, proceed with #3-

3. cobby needs to be re-enabled in Excels Add-in pane, if Excel has crashed and on the next start of excel you have followed a message to disable all add-ins that were busy during the crash.

The add-in pane in Excel is  under File -> Options -> Add-ins -> Manage: COM Add-ins -> Go... .

Make sure the entry named "cobby" is checked, then click OK and restart Excel.

If cobby is now still missing from excel, navigate to  File -> Options -> Add-ins once more. This time choose Manage: Excel Add-ins -> Go... .

Depending on the version of Excel in use, Check either Cobby.ExcelHelper-Addinor Cobby.ExcelHelper-Addin64, click OK and restart Excel.

4. Check if cobby has been deactivated. Go under File -> Options -> Add-ins -> Manage: Disabled Items -> Go... .

Select cobby and click "Enable". Restart Excel.

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