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Testing if cobbys role-configuration is in order is easy, just follow these four short steps:

I. Open the Magento backend of the shop and navigate to:

System (1) -> Web Services (2) -> SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles (3),

II. click on the role named cobby,

III. then click on "Role Resources" in the left pane and check that the resource "Cobby" is checked in the list on the right (4).

 IV. Afterwards click on "Role Users" (5) in the left pane in order to check that a user is assigned and active for this role. 

 The user under "role Users" must be the same as the user that is entered in the cobby settings under system --> Configuration --> Services / cobby (6). If it differs and you have to make any changes, be sure to click "Save Config" (7) in order to save these changes in your shop and cobbys webservices.

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