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Open the Magento backend, navigate to the cobby settings and click "Save config".

For all Magento 1 versions:The cobby settings are under System -> Configuration -> Services: cobby.

For all Magento 2 versions:
The cobby settings are under Stores –> Configuration -> Services: cobby.

What happens when "Save config" is clicked?

The license key, the contact Email, the API-user, API-key and all other settings that you see on the cobby settings page are transfered to cobbys webservices. If your Magento installation has moved to a different URL, saving the configuration is the only way to authorize cobby to connect to this new URL.

Any changes made to the settings page are only saved if you click this button and a green message is shown.

If a red message is shown after clicking the button, either a configuration- or connectivity-issue exists. See here for troubleshooting tips on this matter.

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