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With the cobby formula IMAGES.REPLACELABELS you can update all image labels (also kown as Alt_texts) with ease. There are two ways to work with the formula.

You can either use it to set the same image label for all images of a product, or use it to set an individual image label for every image-position in the image column (starting with cobby
The functionality you use is determined solely by the syntax of the formula:

Basic functionality:
The same label will be set for all images in the cell.

Advanced functionality:
An individual label can be set for every single image based on the position data of the image.

If your images have a certain logic - e.g. position 0 always is a detail shot of the product and position 1 always is a usage inspiration - you can use the same formula throughout the whole shop.

The Function Assistant looks the same for both functionalities.

To use the basic functionality set the reference to your image-code and fill just the first label with the value you want to set as label. In the following image we're using the products name as an example. (your Function Arguments might differ if the version is older than

To use the advanced functionality set the reference to your image-code and fill as much labels as needed. For text use "1:My Label Text", for cell references use "1:"&[@My Label Cell], for a mixture use "1:"&[@My Label Cell]&"My Label Text". The number in front is the reference to your image position.

The function assistant supports 20 individual labels (due to Excel restrictions), the function field in the sheet supports 100 individual labels.

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