cobby has a very quick and convenient solution to add product-links to your products through the context sensitive Task Pane, but the process behaves a bit different from other similar fields.

The process is the same for the fields Related Products, Up-Sells, Cross-Sells for all product types and is also used in the associated Products field of grouped Products.

In this example we want to add the products Saddle and bell to the related products of our bicycle-SKU:

1.First we click into the cell that we want to add product-links to, to open the cobby Task Pane,

2.then click on Edit,

3. now we can select all the products that we want to link to. cobby will add the SKU to the selection if we select any cell in the Products' row.

4. Once we are done with that, we click Add to end the selection mode. The SKUs are then shown in the task pane, where we can change the sort order ↑↓ , jump to the linked product or remove it from the selection.

5. If everything looks as we please, we click Finish.

The SKUs are then added in order into the field, each separated by a pipe-symbol.

To finalize the our change we save products.

If we want to make changes to the field again we can do so by clicking "Edit".

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