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cobby can only be bought once cobby is successfully installed in your shop with a trial-license, regardless if the trial has ended or is still running.

Licenses in trial-mode expire after 50 Product-changes or 14 days after successful installation in the shop, whichever occurs first. Purchasing the license is possible both while your trial is active and also after it has ended. All licenses in trial-mode show a yellow box in the cobby tab in Excel with information regarding the trial-period and a blue button Buy Now to purchase the license. Clicking Buy Now leads to a website that shows the amount of products we count in your shop and the current price classification.

The pricing is auto-calculated based on your product-count, you have the choice to choose a yearly or monthly plan though. Entering all required data on that website and sending it will enable your license immediately.

Our Sales-Team will then take care of all further processing.

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