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Three basic parties are involved in the workings of cobby:

  • The cobby extension in your magento shop

  • Our cobby-service

  • The Excel-Add-in

The cobby extension in your Magento shop handles all interactions between the cobby-service and Magento. It notifies the cobby-service about changes in Magento. The second task is to process changes to your Magento product information from the cobby-service.

Mainly for performance reasons the cobby-service holds a copy of your product-data. Its job is to process and relay all changes from Magento and Excel. It provides push notifications to all active Excel clients. Whenever a change in Magento or Excel is done to the product information it builds a differential and then only transmits the smallest necessary change. This greatly reduces traffic and maximises performance on both sides. In that way multiple users can work with the same product-information at the same time. Besides the Magento product information, it holds presets and rules which define how you work with your data.

The Excel-Add-in enables you to view and interact with the product-data in real-time. It is equipped with all editors to work with your product attributes like categories, images, WYSIWYG, custom-options and so on. The data you see in Excel is provided by our cobby-service. Changes you make to the data are sent back to the cobby-service.

The connections between all parties are encrypted through https. All our servers are hosted in the EU, no data is shared with third parties.

The communication between Magento and cobby-service is authenticated via Magentos webservice interface and uses Magentos built-in role system.

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