My import-table is missing columns, how do I add them when I have already used Split to Attribute-Sets? 

You are at a point where you have already matched up every cell from your import table for every attribute set, you can now not simply run Split to Attribute-Set again, this would break the formulas that you currently have in the cobby-sheets. What works though, is matching additional columns by hand now:

1. load the sheets with additional data into the same workbook that you are currently working on.

In our example we have already used Split to Attribute-Set based on the columns from our supplier,

but the very latest supplier-list looks like this and has an additional column, that we want to match up too.

2. We'll now match the column Beskrivelse 2 by hand, we simply go through every cobby-sheet that attribute-sets have been split too and add the extra column to the split columns exactly in the same order that the supplier list and source columns are already in.

This is what our source columns looked like in the attribute set Home & Decor before we got to work

We'll then right click on the column header and add a new column by clicking insert at the same place as in the new supplier list (!),

3. then we give the column header the same name as in the new supplier list

4. and directly match the contents from the yellow column in the attribute set to the column in the supplier list.

5. We can then match the columns inside cobby up as usual.

6. Now repeat the steps 2 to 4 for every attribute set that you split to, even the ones where you do not make use of these new columns. Make sure you keep the same order as in your supplier list, or Split to Attribute Sets will mess up the data the next time you run it.

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