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Scenario: You want to save changes for a product in cobby, but an unfilled required field for the product is hindering you from saving the changed product. You get a message like this:


 The symbol in the error message takes you straight to the cell that caused the error.

Method 1: Hide the fields that the error is originating from. cobby ignores hidden fields. Keep in mind that hiding system attributes (SKU, Admin-Key, ...) might hinder you from saving at all, since those are needed to allocate the product you want to save.

1. Click on the symbol in the Error Assistent Task Pane to jump to the field that caused it.

2. Select the whole column by left-clicking on the column-header. Your cursor should turn into a downward facing arrow:

3. right-click the selected column and choose "Hide" from the action-menu.

4. make your changes and click "Save Products" once again. 

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